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GeoInfo Map is a geospatial information service provided by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Government to the general public, dedicated to facilitate the searching and understanding of geographical locations, the built and natural environments, and public facilities in Hong Kong.

In GeoInfo Map, base map details and building information as well as the photo maps are provided by the Lands Department. Departmental and public facilities information is contributed by relevant Government departments while infrastructure and hosting of this website is provided by the Office of Government Chief Information Officer.

Geospatial information underpins our daily activities. To cater public’s needs for convenient access to official digital map and geospatial information, LandsD developed this GeoInfo Map service for use by members of the general public.

GeoInfo Map served as a common platform to foster sharing of geospatial information by enabling easy public access to the latest facility information released by government departments. Since the launch of the GeoInfo Map in May 2010, the LandsD has been working closely with 29 government departments for the delivery of up-to-date maps and geospatial information service for the public. Over the years, the content of the GeoInfo Map has enriched significantly from provision of 120 types of public facility geospatial information to 270.

In order to enhance service quality, the Lands Department has recently conducted a large scale revamping exercise to improve the GeoInfo Map service. To facilitate web surfing with tablet computers and smartphones, responsive web design has been introduced in the revamped website which will detect and adapt to the device in use to deliver a smoother user experience. Apart from enhancing map browsing experience and performance, the new map interface enables users to search for various types of real-time information including weather, traffic, air and beach water quality.

GeoInfo Map provides a powerful geographic search engine. It allows users to find any locations in Hong Kong by inputting address information, building names, community and public facility names, place names, road names, lot information, lamp post numbers, and GPS coordinates, etc. Users can also search for public facilities by different categories such as "Sports and Recreation", "Health", etc.

GeoInfo Map also provides useful map tools such as drawing tools, share map tools, and drawing tools, etc. Using GeoInfo Map, users can use the navigation tool bar provided to view maps with different scales and level of details, and pan and zoom to any locations in Hong Kong. Apart from the topographic maps, users can have aerial views over the locations of Hong Kong with the Ortho Map function.

LandsD is delighted to offer GeoInfo Map to the public. With integrated and comprehensive geospatial information, we hope the GeoInfo Map provides convenience and support to the general public. We would continuously improve the GeoInfo Map service quality. More geospatial information will be incorporated into GeoInfo Map in the future.

「地理資訊地圖」(GeoInfo Map)是由香港特別行政區政府(下稱香港特區政府)為公眾提供的地理空間信息服務,目的是方便市民搜尋和了解香港的地理位置、建築和自然環境,以及公共設施等資訊。




「地理資訊地圖」提供強大的地理資訊搜尋功能,支援多種搜尋模式,你可以輸入地址、建築物或大廈名稱、社區及公共設施名稱、地方名稱、道路名稱、地段資料、燈柱號碼、全球衛星定位坐標等以搜尋位置。為了方便使用,「地理資訊地圖」已經把各公共設施分門別類,你可以在設施資料功能內,按不同設施的類別和性質,尋找你需要的資料,例如: 有關「運動及康樂」的設施資料、「保健及醫療」的設施資料等。而新增的「地理標籤」功能令使用者更容易探索及掌握位置資訊。



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